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Milwaukee Salient really is a Jack of Trades! lol. This Hot...  - Dominic Carter
I wanna thank Milwaukee Salient for showing me the way i need to go. And to be my own boss. I thank u for that. - James Lebourgeois
I appreciate you coming thru and taking great pics! - Riles Rilley
Thank you again, it means ALOT! - Britain Blb
Good job on my daughter Tasia photoshoot yesterday! - Jodine IsDetermined
i see u Doin Numbaz wit cha Movement..Recall Wack Rappers..Muc Luvv ya shirts are sO Valid - Jewelzz SoValid Imani
Preciate bro! - Rayshawn Mrgetitcrackin Lawson
Shout Out My Bro Will KEEP GRINDING bro! I got love for the movement! Make sure y'all check him out for Pics, Website, Videos etc. - Reggie Bonds
For the best in graphics, logos, flyers and website designs! - Dante Chestnut Sr.
Great photography - Dionne A. Harrell
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