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   Mr. Willie Lampkin III was born Sunday, October 21, 1984 on the east side of Milwaukee, WI. He began to develop his characteristics courtesy of his neighborhood. Throughout the unfortunate circumstances that occurred throughout his life, he has been able to knock down many roadblocks. Knowing that its not his doing, but that of a higher power. He excelled academically, personally as well as in athletically. Attending Townsend Elementary School, Sarah A. Scott Middle School and Alexander Hamilton High School all located in Milwaukee, WI. Throughout his academic years he has won several awards and accolades.

   Such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest, Talent Show, DECA Marketing Team, Debate Team, National Academy Of Finance Team, Marquette University and UW-Whitewater Upward Bound Program, Stock Market Team, Humanities Club, Track Team, Football Team and more. After graduating from Alexander Hamilton High School in 2003, he attended the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Experiencing life post high school allowed Mr. Lampkin to gain determination, persistence and focus for both his academic success and his athletic success.

   While a freshmen at UW-Whitewater he was able to break a vertical jump record for Wide Receivers. Along with a slew of personal best achievements. His post collegiate life has brought forth two gorgeous little ladies, a handsome son, ups and downs, few failures and much success. While working after college for 5 years he also played Wide Receiver, Defensive Back and Kick Return in the Ironman Football League (Semi-Pro Football). While developing other companies' brand, Mr. Lampkin had an epiphany and decided to invest in himself.

   In 2011 he founded Milwaukee Salient. A marketing company that provides over 70 services to its clients. Everything from graphic designs, promotions, social media and printing, to brand development, artist development, copyrights and more.

   Known as "Salient", he has created several successful trends. One that is most successful is the creation of the "Recall Wack Rappers" movement. Selling over 500 shirts in 4 months. He has done numerous volunteer duties, covered historical events, media and more.


   His heart has yet to feel complete. He understands that throughout all his success, there is a lot more to be accomplished...

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